Beyond the Beat is more than just a music school. Our state of the art recording studio is equipped with top of the line gear and filled with countless instruments; including percussion, guitars, banjos, bass guitars, tube amps, guitar peddles, drum sets, keyboards and ukuleles.

We also offer a unique feature: high-end video equipment. If you’d like to take your recording to the next level, please don’t hesitate to ask about our Film and Recording option. 

All of our equipment is regularly serviced, re-tubed, re-strung and set up for professional use. We are passionate about our tone and take the utmost care in providing the best possible studio experience.


Recording Studio with sound engineer      $60/h
(this includes access to all drum sets, amplifiers and all recording equipment)


Monday-Friday    9:00am-2:30pm // 9:00pm-late
Saturday                4:00pm-11:00pm
Sunday                   9:00am-9:00pm


We also offer fully produced song packages and EPs (with or without A/V). To see a list of prices and availably, click here.




  1. Mac Pro (Late 2013) 3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5
  2. Apollo 16 High Resolution Interface with Realtime UAD Processing
  3. UAD-Thunderbolt 8 OCTO Core
  4. Pro Tools 12 version 12.3.1
  5. NI KOMPLETE 9 Instruments and Effects Collection
  6. UAD Ultimate Bundle – We have every up to date Universal Audio Plug with 12 cores of processing power to bolster any modern or retro music production
  7. Focal Alpha 80 and Avantone mix cube monitors


  1. CS2-FA Dual Channel Strip -This is a boutique analogue masterpiece, warm and tube driven to perfection with pultec eq’s and tube powered 1176 compressors built into each channel
  2. API – The Channel Strip – 512c PREAMP – 527 COMPRESSOR – 550A EQUALIZER and to top it all off, we have two of them to sweeten any mix or stereo microphone set up!
  3. VINTECH AUDIO 473 CLASS A, ALL DISCRETE MICROPHONE PREAMPS – Over drive the stunning NEVE style preamps and touch up the tone going in with the fantastic shelving E.Q on each of the four channels
  4. API 3124 + microphone preamps – These punchy clear channels will give you the guitar tone or drum smack to take any project over the top
  5. Focusrite Red Quad Mic-Preamps – This wonderful workhorse actually used to belong to Brian Adams in the 90’s. The preamp gain inputs are all stepped making it a go to for stereo microphone setups and day to day tracking. Because the Red Quad is biased perfectly to match a U87 microphone, it sees a lot of action day to day. The simplicity and build quality of this unit has not been challenged since its conception in the early 90’s
  6. TK BC1mk2 Stereo compressor – This is an SSL buss compressor with a well thought out blend knob to help deliver the SSL smack in a big way. This piece shines during the mixing process on the mix buss as well as the drum buss
  7. Bantam Patch Bay with MOGAMI hi definition cables – All of our outboard equipment is hand wired to a fantastic bantam patch bay that allows access to the analogue processors during mix down. The patch bay also allows producers and engineers to run microphones to any of our 6 tracking rooms during the recording process


  1. Neumann U87 x1- This microphone sounds amazing on everything
  2. AKG C414B – matched pair (ideal for stereo mic setups) on acoustic guitar, piano, or overhead drums
  3. AKG C451B – matched pair brilliant for sweetening higher frequencies during the tracking process
  4. MD 421 II – x3 – These classic dynamic mic’s are dark and clear and warm
  5. SM7B – x1 – This is a studio workhorse and absolutely shines during live recording situations
  6. RE20 – x1 – workhorse
  7. K2 – x1 – Rode’s K2 is a powerful class A tube microphone that resembles the legendary mic’s of the 1950’s. Its an absolute gem and sees a lot of usage here at Beyond the Beat
  8. e604 – x3 – The sennheizer e604 mountable tom mic’s remain mounted on our Gretsch drum set for instant live drums on a session, not all sessions have the budget for time consuming drum recording sessions
  9. SM57 – x4 – These are essential for snare drum and electric guitar, backbone of nearly every recording for the past 50 years
  10. SM58 – x5 – known as a workhorse live microphone, but equally useful in the studio. (Bjork has used these on vocals during some of her most famous recordings!

In addition to our extensive list of recording equipment, Beyond the Beat has an impressive list of musical instruments. There are far too many to list, so we will focus on our most unique instruments.

  1. Pearl Maple Custom Absolute (drums and hardware)
  2. Gibson ES-335 electric guitar
  3. Valvetrain Lexington Reverb 5 watt class a tube amp hand wired (classic sound)
  4. Phil Jones Bass cabinet and head (stunning)
  5. Komplete Kontrol s88 (matched with our NI Komplete bundle) this is a modern electronic music composers dream come true
  6. Moog Slim Phatty – beef
  7. Yamaha U1 acoustic piano – studio jewel