Will Gooch

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Will is a Toronto based guitarist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Getting his start by taking lessons at the local guitar shop, Will’s life quickly became dominated by music books and songwriting. As a Philosophy graduate from McMaster University, Will decided to keep his musical journey private, studying closely with a handful of exceptional players (Howard Rees, Reg Schwager and Tom Juhas).

With a decade of teaching experience, Will has taught students of all ages. His focus is to make sure that learning music is fun and inspiring, and to him this comes by catering to the individual goals of each student. By catering to the music a student loves today, Will strives to develop the skills and confidence that will shape them into a well-rounded musician for life.

Will is also an active performer with a breadth of experience as a touring musician. Having traveled across Canada, throughout Europe, the U.S., and Japan, Will connects with his students as someone who understands the life of a working musician. You can find Will playing in multiple bands across the city, playing coffee shop guitar in West End Toronto, or teaching people how to make their lives more musical.

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