Lili Abramovich

Lili is a Toronto-based musician, singer/songwriter, and educator.  She has always been passionate about music from a young age, beginning her musical journey with piano lessons and a choir. Lili studied jazz vocal performance at the University of Toronto, where she honed her musical abilities while simultaneously immersing herself in the study education via numerous pedagogical courses.

Lili’s years of studying and experimenting with many musical styles have allowed her to sing a wide range of styles, such as jazz, pop, rock, R&B, soul, samba, improvisational music, musical theatre, and more. Lili has performed as a solo artist, in choirs and with different bands in venues and shows such as; the Markham Jazz festival, The Rex Hotel Jazz and blues bar, Revival event venue , Free Times Cafe, The Emmet Ray, Artscape as Daniels Launchpad, Mel Lastman square and more.

Lili became increasingly interested in teaching after beginning employment at an academy in 2020 as a vocal and piano instructor, later expanding to teach ukulele and guitar as well. Lili, who has had many wonderful teachers who have served as role models for her own teaching, constantly strives to establish a joyful, welcoming, and educational learning environment where students’ passion for music is acknowledged and nurtured.


Voice, Piano, Ukelele