Our song production program is a great opportunity for students, musicians, and singer/songwriters to work with a producer on their recordings. We have a terrific professional recording studio along with a fantastic microphone collection, huge selection of instruments and software to help you make your music. Please refer to our recording studio page for more details.

Program Pricing

1 hour          $80
2+hours      $60/h

For more information about the production program, please see below.

We also offer Private Production

Whether you have a song in the works, a song that you have finished writing, or a cover song that you would like to rearrange. Our producers can help produce your recordings to make them sound professional by assisting with the writing, arranging and recording process.


Mixing and Mastering                                   $500

Professionally produced songs (15-20h)    $1,500-2,000

Recording Sessions                                         $80/h


More about the Production Program

Recording is a collaborative, rewarding experience that allows us to sit down and undergo a process of musical creation with our students.  The production program allows students an opportunity to craft an idea and watch it grow into a product of work that they can be proud of.  All of this hard work won’t go to waste; their song will be viewable and shareable on different streaming platforms.


What you will learn:

  • Recording software and computer based techniques for recording music.
  • Different outboard equipment, such as: microphones, compressors, preamps and equalizers.
  • Harmony, song arranging, writing and performing.

Whether you are a drummer, vocalist, guitarist or pianist it is a transcendent, almost alien, experience to hear your work produced professionally and sound just as good as the songs on the radio.  This program is special in so many ways and really embodies the core values and beliefs that we uphold at Beyond the Beat. Teaching music as a form of self expression is something that we are so passionate about and excel at.  Helping young artists exercise their creativity, realize their dreams and make music they are proud of is why we do what we do.

Getting started:

  1. Start with a one or two hour session once a week with a producer.
  2. Two hour session once a week along with extra time allotted for our producers and engineers to work on the song while you are away.
  3. 4 hour session with a producer: this may sound like a lot of time to be here in the studio, but the time flies by very quickly. This sort of time frame tends to work for songwriters that are working towards completing a short length or full length album.
  4. Two four hour sessions weekly: This is an ideal amount of time to get really great results and get things done. The more time an artist spends with our producers, the more they accomplish and learn. Add extra time for our producers and engineers to continue working on the song while the artist is away and the sky’s the limit. This allows us the time and space to make songs that are just as great or better then the industry standards!
  5. Pay by the song or pay by the hour: It really doesn’t matter how you shake it, good things take time. However, its nice to have a handle on the costs up front for the purpose of budgeting.