During this challenging time and to help stop the spread of COVID-19 we are offering private online music lessons with professional instructors, from the comfort of your home.


  • Exactly like an in-person lesson, except via live video using Zoom – all you need is a desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Get all kinds of freebies like sheet music, backing tracks to play along with, and more.
  • Get a free recording of your lesson to help you practice.

Not too technical? Don’t worry our staff can walk you through the whole process of setting up for your lesson. 


While still focusing on proper vocal technique and warm ups, our vocal teachers encourage students and their parents to suggest and bring in contemporary song selections. During a lesson, voice students will work on their own versions of their favourite songs or their original creations.


Our drum expert approaches all lessons with flexibility and focus.  Above all else he is committed to helping students reach their full potential. Incredibly skilled and dedicated to his craft, there isn’t a pop song that he doesn’t know or will not learn. Well versed in all genres of music, John provides students with the support they need to play the music they want. His ability to transcribe drum lines from songs makes reading music and playing along to the songs of your choice an exciting experience.


The guitar is arguably the most popular instrument on the planet and acts as one of the main mediums for songwriting.  Beyond the Beat’s guitar program is conducted in soundproof booths and offers teachers who are current in the music industry.  No matter if you’re just starting or have been playing for years they possess the versatility to adapt to any and all skill levels.


An expressive instrument that can be used for many different purposes and genres of music, the piano is often the first instrument of choice for students. The piano acts as a gateway that makes learning other instruments less complicated . It improves the ability to read bass and treble clef, as well as your capacity to arrange music, and chord structure. Our piano program has teachers that encourage younger students and nurture the development of advanced students.


Based on the Suzuki method, we approach violin lessons with the professionalism and expertise necessary when teaching a classical instrument.  This helps students to enjoy playing classical music and helps them to understand the importance behind such a historical instrument. In addition to this structured way of approaching the violin, we also make sure to include a focus on popular and folk music to showcase the multitude of genres this instrument is capable of.


Thanks to the versatility of our teachers, Beyond the Beat’s folk music program is extensive. Among our many instructors who have experience in folk music, Rob McLaren, our mandolin teacher, plays folk music professionally and often tours with his band (you can read more about Rob and his music endeavours here). At Beyond the Beat we are so happy to be able to teach folk styles on multiple instruments.  Folk music has such a huge repertoire and we encourage students to explore and enjoy playing this genre.