Jordyn’s Journey: From Shy Singer to Teaching Guitar

“I think that says a lot that as a shy kid, even from my very first lesson at Beyond the Beat I was never afraid to sing to my teacher. I remember feeling heard and understood. It was such a relief.”

The first time Jordyn took a guitar lesson, she was 11 and she left the room in tears. Her teacher assumed she already knew guitar and she ran out feeling stupid and misunderstood. He didn’t take the time to get to know what she wanted.

Then she came to Beyond the Beat. As soon as she walked in, she could feel that the atmosphere was completely different. Instead of an impersonal, in and out feeling she had before, her teacher Dave let her direct the lesson. The first lesson, they just talked and he showed her all the basics.

From then until the end of high school, she did the vocals, guitar and band program. No matter what she wanted to learn, hear or do, she felt like she could do it at Beyond the Beat.

Instrument: Voice and guitar

Musical inspiration: Right now she is into instrumentals, world and meditation music.

First performance: In elementary school, she learned Big Girls Don’t Cry from Dave and sang in front of the whole school with no fear!

Favourite memory with music: Playing gigs through the band program at Beyond the Beat and playing throughout Toronto.

Best experience at Beyond the Beat: She spent an entire summer in high school working on an album out of the Beyond the Beat studio.

Music goal: This summer she is focusing on the Beyond the Beat YouTube channel, and taking some time to develop more of a music persona.

“Beyond the Beat is my second home. It’s just such a beautiful, friendly place to be as a kid. If you’re a student here, you’re really looked after, be it a lesson, rehearsal or on stage.”

You can watch Jordyn’s Smoke Signals guitar tutorial here. Check out the rest of her beginner guitar tutorials on our Beyond the Beat YouTube channel!

What is it like taking one-on-one lessons and the band program at Beyond the Beat?

“The best thing about one-on-one lessons is you can bring anything to the table. If I brought a song to Dave or my band, we could sit down and learn it. I could bring in my own passion and interest which nurtures my individual style.

I was chosen to be in the band program and it was so much fun. We wrote songs together and played. I was usually the lead singer and guitar player, but I would do piano occasionally. It was just amazing and I loved doing all the programs.”

What is it like performing and attending Beyond the Beat student shows?

“I had friends in the band program, and it’s great watching each other grow. The opportunity to perform your songs with people your age is so helpful. You can’t get that experience anywhere else, especially not just practicing at home. All the experience I gained from performing and learning to talk to crowds has shaped my confidence.

A few years ago, I did admin planning all the shows. It’s great to sit back, and watch all the kids play the show, to see them where I used to be. It’s truly special. Seeing so many kids experience the same thing and going on this journey is heartwarming.”

Is there any advice you would give yourself as a kid about music?

“For vocals, I would say starting out, learn techniques that feel good. Never push yourself and treat your voice in a healthy way.

Overall, there are so many people that will support you on your journey, but the most important person to rely on is you. If you believe you can do it, then you will do it. Be your own source of recognition and validation. Listen to your intuition and go for it!”

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