Music makes great memories. Learning to write music, play in a rock band, or produce your own song can be one of the most rewarding, memorable experiences you have in life; and is a great addition to the sunshine and sports that so often occupy our kids’ long summer breaks. Kids can appreciate the excitement of gaining new skills, pushing creative boundaries, making new friends, and producing something tangible. For teenagers, summer music programs offer a place to advance their creative ambitions in a supportive like-minded community. The opportunity to build confidence and gain a sense of belonging is invaluable.

Beyond the Beat has carefully crafted week-long day programs that combine the curiosity of students of all ages and levels, excellent mentors, and leading-edge technology with a whole lot of fun.

Summer programs with recording ‘add-on’ options start weekly on July 3 and run through to the end of August.

Sign up now. Take one week (or two) to experience Summer at Beyond the Beat. It could be the collaboration of a lifetime.

Little Pickers

Ages: (8-10) or (11-13)

M-F, 4 hours per day (9:00am-1:00pm) or (1:00pm-5:00pm)

$399.00 per week

This camp is an introductory rock band-style camp that allows musicians who are just starting out to have some fun jamming with other kids for a week or two.

During the week students will have the opportunity to try different instruments and play entry-level songs together in our practice rooms with professional support and instruction. The rooms are equipped with excellent guitar amps, PA systems and microphones, as well as professional drum kits and so much more.

The camp delivers a unique, life-changing experience for the kids and will be a highlight of their Summer vacations. The camp culminates in a live performance of which a recording will be available for purchase.

To sign up for Little Pickers camp you must fill out our Summer Camp registration form and make a $200.00 refundable dollar deposit.

(Up to six children will be accepted in each camp (a minimum of four is required). If camp does not fill up by June 1, your deposit will be fully refunded).

Jam Band Camp

Ages: (14-17) and up

M-F, 4 hours per day (9:00am-1:00pm) or (1:00pm-5:00pm)

$399.00 per week


Jam Band Camp with Recording

$449.00 per week

Jam Band Camp is a cutting-edge performance and recording camp designed to give students an in-depth studio experience. This camp can also allow students to record music together under the guidance of seasoned producers and sound engineers. It’s a wonderful opportunity to join a band or record your existing band in a professional recording studio.

During the camp students will also get to play the role of sound engineer, producer as well as session musician. They will learn about pro-tools and other cutting-edge recording software like Melodyne, NI, and Universal Audio. The experience of setting up mic lines, getting levels, learning about microphone placement and phase cancelation is one of our most modern and enriching experiences to date. Being a modern musician is no longer just about mastering your instrument. Musicians must learn the entire process from the ground up in order to have the best possible chance to succeed in an ever-changing industry.

The camp culminates in a live performance and recording.

To sign up for Jam Band Camp you must fill out our Summer Camp registration form and make a refundable deposit of $200.00. If there is a conflict with your bandmates that cannot be resolved by June 1 you will receive a full refund.

W.A.M. Jam Camp and Production

Ages: 11 and up

M-F, 4 hours per day (9:00am-1:00pm) or (1:00pm-5:00pm)

$449.00 per week

This is an introductory intensive song writing program that incorporates elements of production used in the Song Production camp. Students in this camp work with our top-quality teachers to learn about Theory, Song Structure, Chord Placement, Tempo Changes, and Time Signatures. These are all key to making a great tune. Students will learn about and have access to our finest recording technology and equipment to produce their original work.

The camp culminates in a live performance of which students can purchase a recording.

Custom Song Production and Recording Intensive

Do to the detailed nature of this program, pricing is specific to each project and must be discussed in person

This is our most in-depth Summer camp and allows students to work one-on-one with a professional music producer. The student will have full use of our finest recording equipment as well as a high-powered computer to help them make groundbreaking music. The completed songs will then be professionally mixed and mastered and packaged for sale and available for download on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify and BandCamp.

Beyond the Beat has developed a solid relationship with the artist development department at Warner Music Canada. The completed songs will all be sent to Warner and listened to by the A&R department. There are no guarantees that any song will progress past this point, however, the process is key to success. Our students have been signed in the past and some have gone on to perform internationally. Our success as a cutting-edge artist development studio has made Beyond the Beat an industry leader.

To sign up for this camp you must fill out our Summer Camp registration form and book a meeting with the school director to go over legal requirements and pricing.

Contact Beyond the Beat for detailed curriculum of each camp and optional add-on pricing at or call Beyond the Beat directly to discuss your summer music goals at 647-341-2264.